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  • Can I really become a pharmacy technician in just 12 weeks?
    Yes, this is a complete pharmacy technician training program that prepares students to become pharmacy technicians in as little as 12 weeks. However, most students will complete this program in 21 weeks. ​
  • Is the entire program offered just online?
    We are an online school so most of the program is offered online. However, there is an externship that is held at a local pharmacy.
  • Where is the externship held?
    Most of our students will complete their externships at Walgreens, Pillpack, or at another local pharmacy (that is partnered with our school).
  • Are in-person tutoring services available?
    Our instructional programs are designed for students to do most of their learning online. However, instructors community may schedule in-person tutoring sessions.
  • What is the cost of the Pharmacy Technician Program?
    Tuition is $3,000 dollars. If your tuition is covered by a grant, the following items may be included with your tuition: Health and Safety Requirements Books and supplies License and Certification
  • What type of funding is available for the Pharmacy Technician Program?
    We offer student grants, and Financial Assistance (through student loans). Many of our student loans do not have to be paid back until the student completes the program or gains employment. We even offer deferment programs. Please go to our funding page for information on funding and student loans.
  • Where can I get assistance with funding?
    Once you register or apply for the program an Enrollment Adviser will contact you and help you get started with this process.
  • What are the Pharmacy Technician Requirements?
    You have to be 18 years of age or over the age for compulsory attendance in your state High school diploma/GED or equivalent, still attending HS or enrolled in a GED policy Able to pass a criminal background check or obtain a Fingerprint Clearance Card Capable of meeting the sites Health & Safety Requirements to attend the externship Telephone, Smart Phone, Computer scholarships with webcam capability, and high speed internet
  • How long is the pharmacy tech program?
    The program is designed to be completed in 21 weeks. However, the modules are self-paced so the length of the program is determined by each individual student.
  • When can I start or how soon can I start the Pharmacy Technician Program?
    Classes start every two weeks so students can begin once their application and funding is approved.
  • Do you offer computers as a part of the program package?
    No, we don’t offer computers as part of the program package.
  • How do I apply or where do I fill out an application?
    Click on the button that says Enroll Now to fill out your application.
  • I only have a misdemeanor so will I be accepted into the Pharmacy Technician Program?
    Please visit DPS’s website ( and DPS can answer all of your questions regarding background checks or Fingerprint Clearance Cards.
  • Do you accept students from out of state?
    Yes, we do accept students from out of state. However, we recommend that you check with the Board of Pharmacy (from your state) or one of our Enrollment Advisors before you apply to our program.
  • What type of resources are available for students that attend our online programs?
    Assigned Experienced Certified Instructors Tutoring Resources (zoom, webinars, and conferencing) Learning Management System Support Advisors and Directors
  • What time can I attend the pharmacy technicain program?
    Since we're an online school students may access the learning portal to work on assignments anytime throughout the week.
  • Is synchronized learning required?
    Most of our instructors do not require synchronized learning. However, some instructors do conduct lectures (via webinars) where students can attend class as a group but most of the lectures as a group will be voluntarily.
  • Do you work with WIOA?
    Yes, we work with WIOA and our school is an ETPL Provider. Go to our funding page for more information about the WIOA program.
  • Do you work with FAFSA?
    No, our school does not work with FAFSA.
  • Do you offer Free computers?
    We do not offer free computers as a part of the tuition package.
  • Is your school PTCB Recognized?
    Our school is PTCB Recognized so when students complete our training program, they are eligible to sit for the PTCE (Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam). Only accredited and Licensed state schools are given this Privilege.
  • Are students assigned an instructor?
    Every student that attends our school will be assigned an online licensed and certified instructor.
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