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Pharmacy Technian Program

The pharmacy technician program is broken up into three blocks to allow students to focus on mastering the core concepts.  The instructional modules are designed to indentify a student’s progress by highlighting the areas that may need more improvement.  On medical terminology or pharmacy calculations the instructional modules utilizes real world problems to help students gain a deeper understanding.  AVPTS uses one of the prime optimum LMS (Learning Management System) on the market.  The LMS utilized for this program has a very user friendly platform.  Students and Instructors can access the portal through an app or the website.  The LMS works with ipad, iphone, Android, or similar mobile devices.  Instructors are able to easily download learning materials, presentations, and videos with minimal effort.  Moreover, students can also logon through the LMS app or website to complete assignments, view grades, or send an e-mail to their instructor.


What is interactive learning?  This is learning through the use of computer technology or electronic media (LMS).  If you have ever sat through a long lecture taking notes and your instructor was going so fast you couldn’t write down everything, then we understand your pain.  This is why interactive learning is a much better way to learn.  If you don’t understand something you can watch the video over and over again until you can finally say eureka!   

Interactive Learning

Student working on assignment
Pharmacist counting tablets



The pharmacy externship helps students transition from the online (or virtual learning) class room to the clinical practice which is a crucial step in becoming a pharmacy technician.  Under the guidance of a licensed pharmacist students will learn how to fill, process, and compound medications.  



On-The-Job Training


Students will complete their externship at Walgreens or Pillpack or another retail pharmacy where they are given the opportunity to showcase their online knowledge to the real world environment.  This experience may lead to gainful employment.       

Graduating students
Two people engaging in an interview

Resume and Interview Assistance

Arizona’s Virtual Pharmacy Tech School will help graduates prepare attractive resumes and coach students in the proper interview etiquette to help alumni become competitive interviewers.    

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